Friday, 2 November 2007

The Inaugural Bramley Close Flowerbed Adoption Meet.


On Wednesday the 17th October residents met Corinne Hibberd, Initiatives Manager, Environment & Regeneration, Waltham Forest Council and received a donation of gardening implements, lavender and rosemary.

CLICK HERE for more details about LBWF's 'Adopt A Flower Bed'scheme (link opens in a new window).

A BIG THANK YOU to the HEROIC efforts of all those who helped to dig out the dead, ugly, badly lopped tree trunks & clear the flowerbed ready for planting! We will be eventually posting a page of before-and-after, work-in-progress photos for you to see just what a dramatic change you have made to the flowerbed.

THANK YOU to all residents who attended the inaugural Bramley Close flowerbed adoption meeting and for the many donated plants. We hope to hold all future flowerbed events at times more convenient to all who are interested.

Heaving out a dead tree trunk
Heaving out a dead tree trunk
Sweeping up afterwards


Anonymous said...

It's great to see that local area improved. So little colour around the area otherwise, and great to have the kids take ownership of the corner in a positive way. #

Frances said...

Thank you, we are glad you noticed.

Yes the lads and girls who helped clear and plant the flowerbed are totally cool.

The flowerbed will be a gloriuos riot of colour come spring you wait and see.

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