Monday, 9 March 2009

Spring Has Well and Truly Sprung


If you should go down to the flowerbed today, you are in for a big surprise...there be seasonal stirrings in that there muddy patch.

The flowerbed is looking beautiful in its first flush of spring bulbs: snowbells, crocuses and early narcissi. There are also promising signs of the rest those 450 bulbs planted all that time ago in November last year despite the numbing rain.

At this weekend’s Spring Meet, perennials and biennials such as lupins, foxgloves, delphiniums, Japanese anemone, hellebore, pinks, poppies and summer flowering bulbs were planted. A big thank you to Nellie’s mum for weeding and nurturing the flowerbed, many passersby have noticed her work and have said how beautiful the flowerbed is looking.

Bring on the Vernal Equinox... given season creep, what will be flowering in the flowerbed on March the 21st?

P.S. We are still trying to resolve the fly-tipping problem that is occurring in the vicinity of the flowerbed.

Please dial 101 to report any fly-tipped rubbish you see, and be sure to get a reference number. The more people who report each and every incidence of fly-tipping, the more evidence there is that residents are concerned about this issue and expect the council to crack down on the fly-tippers operating in our area.
Tony Banach, Area Manager for Higham Hill Ward, Better Neighbourhoods Initiative is aware of the situation.


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