Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Earthworms Released Into The Flowerbed

Have you noticed the difference?

This morning the flowerbed area was thoroughly swept and cleared of litter. The earth surrounding the roots of the Plane trees near the flowerbed was weeded and planted with Forget-Me-Nots, summer Iris and Gladioli bulbs and sown with white Alyssum 'Snow Cloth' and pink, lavender, carmine and white Candytuft 'Fairy Mixed'.

Poppies and other annual flower seeds were sprinkled over the flowerbed and a bucket of garden earthworms was released into the flowerbed as their activity will improve the condition of the soil.

The seeds we bought with the donated money

A big thank you to the residents who donated money to buy seeds.

We decided to purchase annual flower seeds so that there would be a colourful display of flowers this summer. If anybody is sowing perennials for their gardens please could you nurture a few extra plants for the flowerbed to ensure an abundance of flowers next year.

There is a packet of Stocks to be sown and if anyone would like to volunteer to germinate some in pots indoors please email

  • pauline.flowerbed@gmail.com

  • frances.flowerbed@gmail.com
and we will provide you with pots, compost and seed.

Sowing annual flower seeds

planting the summer bulbs

Releasing earthworms
Releasing the wriggly garden worms.



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